What’s your name? I’m a banana.

Tashlaheet is the Amazigh (Berber) language spoken in the Atlas Mountains close to Marrakech. Since I spend so much time in them, and also because I can’t resist the chance to try a new language, I have been trying to learn enough to get by. The problem is that it isn’t like any other language I have ever heard and it  has only just started being written down.  I only have about fifty words, but am determined to whip them out on every possible occasion, so this is a typical conversation.

Me: Hello, How are you?

Mr Berber: Great. How are you. Are you tired?

Me: Yes, I speak a little Tashlaheet.

Mr Berber: Where do you live?

Me: My name is loony knickers.

Mr Berber: Very good. It is great that you speak Tashlaheet.

Me: Your mule is very beautiful.

Mr Berber: What is your job.

Me: Eggs and bread and Vache Qui Rit.

Mr Berber: Are you married?

Me: Your mule is very beautiful.

Mr Berber: Have you just climbed Mount Toubkal?

Me: I love walnuts.

Mr Berber: You speak Tashlaheet very well.

Me: Thank you and may God go with you.

Mr Berber: May God Help You!

if you enjoyed this – there’s more in my book Adventures in Morocco. And I post pictures every day on Instagram.

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