Alice Morrison Speaker

I am a CEO turned full-time Adventurer and I think it is that combination of having worked at the highest level in business, and then left it in mid-life to find success in such an exciting field that makes me different. In 2011 I swapped the rat race for a bike race and cycled the Tour D’Afrique from Cairo to Cape Town (the longest race on earth). I have also run across the Sahara and around Everest and am the first woman to walk the length of the Draa River (1500km) on foot.

In 2017 I presented a series for BBC 2, “Morocco to Timbuktu: An Arabian Adventure” where I followed the salt routes from Tangier down to Timbuktu. I am the author of three books: Dodging Elephants, Morocco to Timbuktu and Adventures in Morocco.  I write regularly in the British and US papers/online/magazines.  I currently live full time in Morocco in a remote village in the Atlas mountains. I am what I say and I live my values – or certainly try to. For me Adventure is more than the physical, it is about exploring and understanding both the world we live in and the people we share it with. Most importantly, it is about understanding ourselves. I believe that all of us have an Adventurer lurking within waiting to be released, and that when you bring that spirit into your work and home life, you flourish.

Prices for a Zoom/Teams etc talk are £500 for a prepared talk or £750 for a bespoke one: 30 minutes of speaking with stunning photographs and video and 30 minutes for introduction and then questions. For in person appearance, the fee is £1000 to factor in travel time.

Email: info@alicemorrison.co.uk for more details or to set up a preliminary chat.


Tom Robbins, Financial Times: “Alice is a breath of fresh air – an antidote to the macho explorer model that still persists, both in her lively presenting style and the fact her knowledge, language skills and empathy allow her to communicate with local people in a much more meaningful way.”

Claire Morgans, CEO, Ykids: “She has delighted and entertained audiences of all ages, providing engaging, authentic, funny and captivating talks, lessons and stories about her life and adventures in Morocco.   I highly recommend her.”

Martin Stone, Partner, Nardello & Co: “A zoom-ful of high-flying New York corporate lawyers is a tough crowd, but Alice’s talk, ‘How to be Brave,’ resonated so well that they have asked her back.”

Olha Harbovska, America House (Kiev): “600 people stayed for the whole hour of Alice’s talk about her expedition across the Sahara – and that was on Facebook Live to non-native English speakers. Phenomenal, she is captivating.”

Kim Gray, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at NTT Data, UK: ‘Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.’



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