Tour d’Afrique Toilets

All the toilets are mixed – can be scary in the morning
A toilet in camp – clean before it was used by 64 people
Al Fresco peeing

This blog is specially for Lucy’s class since they are following me and are very interested in the toilet situations.

So…. I have to say it is not good. There are very few places where there are toilets at all. And where there are, an influx of 64 people tends to block them up pretty quickly.

There are various options:
On the road: This is just peeing al fresco. Our group tends to stop every 25km or every hour and we all take a pee break. Men have it easy cos they can just go by the side of the road, but we have to find a set of rocks/sand dune/tree/hole to shelter behind or in so that we don’t scare the truckers. If you need anything other than a pee, then you should dig a little hole and then cover over with sand.

In camp: We don’t dig communal toilet holes in camp, so basically if there is no toilet there, then you have to take a shovel and your loo roll, find a spot, dig it up, go to the loo and then cover it up. Seems a bit crazy to me because it means we have 64 different toilet spots in one camp. And sometimes we are camping in villages.

Toilets: These are almost univerally squat toilets, and you aren’t allowed to put toilet paper down them. The combination of our inexperienced aiming and also people forgetting and putting the loo roll down is VERY toxic.

The lesson? Find a handy bush or tree…..

If you enjoyed this tale of toilet troubles written for Lucy’s class, there are most stories for grown ups in my books

3 comments on “Tour d’Afrique Toilets

  1. Lucy Mitchell on

    Wow- my 11 year olds will be impressed with such a detailed and personal response! They are asking if you’ll come and visit when you get back, although I have had to be very firm that “no you won’t be able to ride her bike around the playground!”.
    I will send some personnal responses from the next week!
    Thinking of you! Take care of yourself!

    • alicetourdafrique on

      Thanks Lucy – I will definitely come and see them and I WILL bring the bike. Comments would be lovely. And if they want to friend me etc on facebook that would be cool too. Hope all well with you – in Khartoum now – 2000 km!! And on radio at 11.25 today if you are listening. I am v touched your class is following me – please say a big hello to them from me!


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