Welcome.. 4 books and counting! Both Walking with Nomads and Adventures in Morocco are now available as Audio Books. Click on the links to buy and thank you! for your support.

Runner up: Edward Stanford Travel Book of the Year.

Danger, discovery and deep friendship. Walking with Nomads is the adventure-packed story of my journey across Morocco and the Sahara with Brahim and Addi and our six camels, including naughty Hamish, my favourite. Walk with us as we find a lost city, explore the tombs of the giants and bear witness to our changing world.

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The Audio Book is available on Audible, Amazon, Apple, Google,, Kobo and Storytel

Adventures in Morocco

Adventures in Morocco is my story of Morocco – a wild ride from the madness of Marrakech, to the grandeur of the Atlas Mountains. Have a cup of mint tea with me and learn how to haggle, then hop on board for a run across the Sahara. Click here to buy.

Adventures in Morocco started life as My 1001 Nights in hardback. That sold out but I saved a few so if you’d like a signed first edition for just £24.99 – email me on

The Audiobook is available on Amazon, Audible, Apple, Google, Kobo and Storytel.

Morocco to Timbuktu: An Arabian Adventure by Alice Morrison

Morocco to Timbuktu is the story of the BBC2 Series and follows my adventures as I travel the salt roads from Tangier to Timbuktu, occasionally plunging thigh deep into pigeon shit en route. There are lots of extras that never made it onto TV and an insight into what goes on behind the camera.

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Dodging Elephants across Africa by bike

Dodging Elephants is my first book and a wildcap adventure. When I set off I had no idea how much I would suffer or how much I would enjoy it – the journey, not the suffering! Ride across Africa with me. From Cairo to Cape Town – 8000 miles of blood, sweat and tears with some close encounters with elephants thrown in. Click here to buy. 

I love to share what I’ve seen and I hope you enjoy my stories. Thanks for your support.   The books are all available on Amazon and on Kindle and Walking with Nomads and Adventures in Morocco are available in bookshops online and off. 

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So, there you have the complete collection of Alice Morrison books so far – another is in the planning! If you’d like to enjoy some stories free on me – check out the blog.

And if you prefer listening, then my podcast is Alice in Wanderland available on all major channels.

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