Recovery or Slump?

“I can’t believe you ate TWO pizzas”, Charlie is outraged on text. He had actually caught me crossing the road to my house from meeting the delivery boy. In my defence, it was for lunch and dinner and my eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach and I am ashamed to say that half went in the bin. At least that means that the man who searches the bin every night for his dinner will be well fed.

But it has highlighted a teeny problem. I am in a post MDS slump! It is two months ago and now the excuse of recovery is definitely wearing very, very thin. I have been in crazy travelling mode with two trips to the UK and two sets of friends to visit so a routine has been impossible. I have been exercising about twice a week on average, which is rubbish but the food situation is definitely worse. I am actually almost, nearly, kinda fed up with junk….

So today marks the start of no sugar, no refined carbs and definitely no pizza. No naughtiness at all for one week. I will get back to you with how I get on with that. It is also time to start a running programme again and to get out on my bike properly. I will get back to you on that too.

Wish me luck and all motivational encouragement whether it be of the “you lazy ~@”£$ get off your big, fat “”£”%$%$£$ or of the “hey, it’s fine, you just need to retrouve your mojo” type is welcome!

2 comments on “Recovery or Slump?

  1. Steph on

    Hi, I wouldn’t worry- that’s perfectly normal, I think my post MdS slump lasted 6 months! Actually I’m not sure it has ended yet and I did it in 2009…

    I’m afraid there’s only one cure- go and sign up for another challenge!!

    • Alice on

      I think you are right so I have just signed up for the UTAT 105kms , 6,500 metres of ascent race in the Atlas Mountains. EEK!


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