Running the Everest Trail Race – am I mad?

Adventurers have got to Adventure. There is no point in sticking, “Alice Morrison, Adventurer” on the bottom of my emails if all I am doing is sitting on the couch enjoying the latest episode of Poldark – although that is something that every female, and many males and gender fluid folks, who are fond of a man in breeches SHOULD definitely do. To that end, I have signed up for the Everest Trail Race which is a 160km ultra running race around Everest that includes a marvellous (or horrific depending on your viewpoint) 15km of ascent in six days from November 4 – 11. I’m being sponsored to do it by and a massive thank you to Steve Diederich for his faith in me.

Imagine climbing up a 15km high ladder and you get the idea.

Am I mad? Kind of. Yes. I am currently in terrible shape and there is absolutely no way I could manage it if I started tomorrow. But, I am seeing that lack of fitness as an opportunity, a chance to turn things around and go from sub-zero to hero! I am also doing the thing I can do which is committing to it 100%.

The first thing I have done is move from my comfortable life at the seaside in Essaouira to a tiny, traditional hamlet in Morocco’s Atlas mountains, where I am viewed a bit as if a Martian had landed in London’s Trafalgar Square. I’m here because I need to be going up and down mountains – a lot! And there are many, many big pointy ones on my doorstep. My life has become full of change and challenge again, something I find both invigorating and exhausting……….READ ON!



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