A wild walk in the Atlas

March 6, 2022

Alice Morrison Everest Trail Race

Running the Everest Trail Race Ultra

November 17, 2018

The Everest Trail Race is one of the toughest high altitude ultra marathons in the world. 160km over 6 days, you do 15000m of climbing and go to an altitude of over 4000m. I took on the race in 2018.

Mount Toubkal in one day Alice Morrison

Climbing Toubkal in one day

October 27, 2018

Mount Toubkal is the highest point in north Africa at 4,167 metres and I wanted to climb it in a day. Imlil-Toubkal-Imlil in one day instead of the usual two or three is how I told myself I would be ready for the Everest Trail Race.

tour d'afrique

Tour d’Afrique Toilets

January 29, 2011

A tragic tale of toilets, and the lack of them, while cycling across Africa for the Tour D'Afrique, the longest bike race on earth. Don't read if you are squeamish!