Breaking and Entering

First day in Marrakech – I was up and at ’em, turning out for a run at 8 am. Admittedly the alarm went off at 7 but I reckon a half hour on the snooze button is allowed. I just ran straight out along the main road from my villa for 2 1/2 km and then straight back. Given my appalling sense of direction, it seemed safest. The traffic wasn’t too bad and the sun was shining but the air was cold. Lovely conditions except for the pollution which I am just not used to and which started to sting my eyes and my lungs a bit.

Got back to No 74 Sharia Saska Al Hamra (the street of Saskia the Red – who is Saskia I wonder) and put my key in the lock. Our caretaker, Mustafa, had warned me that the key was stiff, so I kept trying long after I had a very red thumb and bulging eyes. I was beginning to be viewed suspiciously by the students standing opposite when it occurred to me that I actually live in… 72!Oops. Abashed, I shuffled next door, found out the key was still really stiff and decided to just climb over the wall. Those evenings at Rope Race with Cat weren’t wasted after all.

Safely in, I headed straight for the shower, shampooed up, singing blithely and loudly as my flatmate had still not arrived for the weekend. At which point, the shower exploded. Hmmm, I was very suddy, but fortunately could use Alex’s and then call Mustafa for repairs.

Coffee next. Into the kitchen, congratulating myself for having brought my cafetiere and Ugandan Fair Trade from Tescos, only to face a large and active cockroach in the sink. It looked at me piteously and waved its antennae so I didn’t have the heart to kill it, but liberated it out of the window into the garden. That merciful attitude won’t last long!

So, a day of mini adventures – and all before 10 am……..

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Pleading for Mercy

Pleading for Mercy

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