Velcro your trainers

A bad week for training. In fact a very bad week because I didn’t do any. I had a deliciously septic throat infection from my endeavours and when I tried to go out on Saturday was slightly hampered by the fact that I couldn’t breathe.

I did have time to brood though. And I am not so sure that is a good thing! I also met up with John Whittaker Jnr who ran it in 2011 and he had some brilliant advice which in no particular order was:

1. Train Train Train but not too fast
2. Take a luxury
3. You won’t sleep, too noisy and your legs will hurt too much
4.Velcro your gaiters to your trainers – and use the official MdS ones, the silk ones tear.. (silk gaiters??? Lordy!)
5. Time your drinking and your eating
6. Blisters are the difference between finishing and failing
7. Do some multi-day events in preparation
8. Dried fruit is good nutrition
9. Go to Likeys in Wales for your kit
10. Fill your back pack with kilos of sugar to practice carrying the weight

So, I am now armed with knowledge but still not dangerous. This week? Running!

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