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The life of an ultra running journalist: covering UTMB

August 30, 2016

Covering the greatest race on the ultra running calendar, UTMB, the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc is a dream assignment. I was asked to do just that by Linda Sanders of IRun4Ultra, part of Hope So Bright, which uses ultra running to raise awareness of issues affecting children, including ADD/ADHD and Autism. She is building up as a resource and inspiration for runners. What a fantastic week of ultra racing it was!

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Ten things I love about running

January 7, 2016

Running may be glorious but it is also very, very hard. I am in no way a natural runner and so just getting myself out there can be a trauma. Worse, I have taken a long break, and now it is time to knuckle down. I have really written this as my New Year's Motivation to GET running again. My own personal ten top running tips!

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A day in the life of an Ultra journalist

October 5, 2015

Last year, I was running UTAT, this year I am their "British Ambassador" trying to spread the word far and wide about this amazing ultra in the Atlas. It's my first experience of reporting on an ultra race. This is what it was like.