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In just a week’s time I will be doing my first really long run. It is the gruelling  50 kms over the hills of the High Peak, setting off from  Hathersage. I am pretty nervous as this will be quite a challenge, but I hope that me and Naomi and Billy the Running Dog will triumph – and by that I mean  FINISH!

Training for it has been varied. I always have my eye on the MdS so it has been a part of that rather than something separate.  Basically, the format has been running 4 times a week – three short and one long, hot yoga, pilates, spin and weight training with Ian Hawtin.

The most relevant and specific training has been the running and that is also the most challenging for me. Naomi and I got up to a cracking 18 miles in the Peak but that was 4 weeks ago and I haven’t done anything longer than ten miles since. Life and travel have intervened

But  I HAVE snuck in another trip to the Atlas Mountains and some perpendicular hiking – which I reckon is also great for endurance, strength and mental toughness. By the time you get to hour four of a hideous rocky descent, it can be hard to keep relentlessly positive and at this stage I am just trying to forget the 82 zig zags up a perpendicular scree…Image

For those three days Noureddine Bachar of made me suffer to varying degrees. He likes to make me suffer!

DAY1: Imlil to Azeeb Tamsoult: 18km, 1,360 m of ascent, highest point 3,100 metres

DAY2: Azeeb Tamsoult to Toubkal Refuge: 32km, 1,350m of ascent, highest point 3,600m

DAY3: Toubkal Refuge to Lake Ifni and then on to I’msosore village (Amsozert really): 30 km, 400 m ascent,  highest point 3,600m

The magnificent scenery and fantastic people made it all a huge pleasure – it is a truly magical place – but I was knackered by the end of every day.

In terms of how I feel, it is all good. Well, my tendons are not good, they are giving me a lot of pain and walking downstairs is a challenge but my recovery has been good every day and I am feeling stronger – though still very,very slow.  Roll on next week and that first 50km – let’s see how the body holds up. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather and a good run!
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