Packing is a nightmare. I don’t believe anyone enjoys it although indubitably almost everyone in the universe does it better than me.

Fortunately the tour operators have been pretty prescriptive on what we can take. Here is the list for those of you who are a leeetle bit nerdy….

• 2 – 3 person tent – something light, that packs up small
• Sleeping bag rated for 3 seasons (Zero degrees Celsius)
• Sleeping bag liner
• Camping mattress – thorns are plentiful so some choose to bring a foam mattress instead of
an inflatable one
• Dish kit, mug and cutlery
• Headlamp (with extra batteries)
• Small tarp or groundsheet
• 5m of rope and clothes pegs
• Duct tape
• Repair kits for tent, poles and mattress
• 3 T-shirts
• 2 long sleeve shirts
• 1 set of thermal under layers
• 1 pair of long pants
• 2 pair of shorts
• 1 Fleece jacket
• 1 Wide brimmed hat
• 1 pair of sandals
• 1 pair of lightweight hiking shoes
• 1 Bathing suit
• 1 towel
• 1 rain jacket, windbreaker or vest
• 1 pair of rain pants

One tiny luxury: which should I choose?

• 1 set of casual and compact dining wear
• 3-5 pairs of padded cycling shorts (a high quality chamois will be your greatest asset)
• 1 pair of cycling shoes (SPD’s or a rigid walking shoe)
• 4 cycling jerseys or shirts, 1 long sleeved and 3 short sleeved
• 3 pairs of cycling socks
• 2 pairs of cycling gloves, 1 full-finger, 1short
• 1 new and undamaged cycling helmet
• 1 pair of sunglasses
• 1 pair of cycling pants (optional)
• Arm and leg warmers (optional)
• Reflective clothing (optional)

All these years on – if you want to see how it turned out – check out my books! 

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