Magical Moonlight Run


About a mile and a half into this magical moonlight run, we stopped and switched our head torches off. A flock of geese were hooting quietly to each other as they flew overhead and I am sure I could hear their wings beating. We had got to the White Lady at the top of the campsite ascent and so were surrounded by the hills of Hayfield which loomed gently out of the darkness.

All your senses are heightened by the lack of visibility, The air was really warm and soft – amazing for October. I could feel all the different textures underfoot much more sharply. The tarmac of the road, giving way to the earth and mulch under the trees and then the squidgy paths through the forest moving onto the much rockier and stony trail.

As we came up past Booth Farm, the black pony in the field snorted and trotted up to see what was going on and had a little nuzzle with the dogs, Billy the Running Dog and Teddy the Terrier.  Their eyes caught in the headtorches  were a demonic green above lolling tongues.

And the running was so easy. Perhaps for the first time ever, I physically enjoyed the feeling of running and felt like it was natural for me. I could feel myself moving easily and smoothly.

What a joyful experience.

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