Hello world!

I have just under two weeks to go until I set off for a 7,500 bike race across Africa – the Tour D’Afrique.

There are about six million things that need to be done and so far today I have been for a quick training ride and am now sitting with my cousin Charlie Mackenzie as he designs me a short, sweet and simple site.

It is amazing how long it takes to do things – even simple things and the kind of decisions that you have to make. Do we have a section called Kit or Gear? White background or black or grey? How shall we link in with all the social media etc.

Be great when it is all done and I can just get on with the riding. Although I suspect when I have had my first 100 hours or so on the bike I will look back to this day in the warmth with hot tea and a Twix with absolute longing.

So many years ago and now I’m a continent down and three books later…. there are lots more stories in my latest book, My 1001 Nights, out now. Or you might fancy tales of biking across Africa or travelling to Timbuktu.

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