Half way thoughts

Sitting here in Arusha after three days off, I am looking forward to getting back on the bike and back into the routine of riding and camp. It is amazing to me to think that we are half way there. Time has become completely elastic. Ten minutes on the bike can last an eternity, if you are hot, tired and hurting. Then you look up and two months has gone and the memories are already fading.

I think the next stretch of eight days is going to be quite a challenge. We are on dirt roads and we will have mud and rain to contend with. Also we know we are on part two of the trip and that means we are thinking of endings not beginnings.

On the plus side, we are all used to the routine and to each other. I know how to put my tent up. And we are cycling across Africa. It is amazing every day. We almost have too many sensations to record or absorb. I don’t know how we¬† can measure the depth of our experience. We are skimming across the continent in some ways but we are out there seeing it, feeling it and being in it every day.

So, no conclusions, but still plenty of time to think about it.

PS: And I did think about it and reached some conclusions in my book, Dodging Elephants 

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  1. Cat Lewis on

    I don’t believe it’s taken you two months to learn how to put your tent up!

    But seriously – loving your blog – inspired by your experiences – keep going!

    Cat xxx

  2. Rob Waghorn on

    Halfway through, well done! Hope you carry on enjoying yourself and have many more experiences on the second half of your journey. Remember to stay hydrated and get as much rest as you can, when you can!
    Good Luck – Rob Waghorn Congleton CC

  3. Michael Eakin on

    Amazing stuff Alice – reading the blog I feel a mix of deep jealousy and utter admiration. Amazing to have got so far already on such diffcult terrain. Congratulatons on getting halfway – and best wishes for the second half.


  4. Amanda Murphy on

    Hi Alice
    Well done. What a way to have an adventure! Good luck with coming up with a conclusion, such adventures are hard to get your head around. I’ve been back from China for 4 months and I’m still sitting here thinking about everything I experienced and did, unable to believe any of it.
    I hope you’re soaking it all up and loving every minute – even the unpleasant bug filled ones!


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