Fighting the slump

“When you’re in a Slump, you’re not in for much fun.
Un-slumping yourself, is not easily done.”


Last week, the slump definitely hit. I don’t know if it is just getting back down to it after the excitement of the long run, or the drawing in of the nights, or the realisation of just how much I have to do, that is the problem, but there is no doubt about it – the slump has hit.

In terms of training, I went with a regular schedule with just one less run than usual due to time: Monday: Weights, Tuesday: Hot Yoga, Run. Wednesday: Weights, run, pilates. Thursday: Pilates, weights, spin. Friday: Weights. Saturday: Long run – 23km on the hills. Sunday: rest.

And I got through it all. I felt like I was shirking a bit on my weekday runs though, as there were only two and they were short. The long one at the weekend saved me from feeling it was a wasted week. A good effort over the hills of the Peak, a good distance and plenty of time on the legs.

Maybe it was because I didn’t take a full rest day last Sunday but did a big hike as friends were over. Anyway whatever the reason, every day was a bit of a struggle.

So. this week, I am going to focus on getting longer runs in and getting that mojo back. Onwards and upwards!

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