Escape Corona leave COVID-19 behind

Escape Corona leave COVID-19 behind with an Alice Morrison story

I wish we really could escape Corona and leave COVID-19 behind. As with all of you, I am trying my best to keep positive, keep busy, keep useful with all the while the low-level buzz of worry in my head.

Now, I hope I can offer you a bit of respite. This week, I did something completely new to me and very nerve-wracking. I did a “Tell” for the World Story Telling Cafe. I have told hundreds of stories (sometimes to the utter boredom of friends and family!) in my time, but I have never been an official “story teller” and done a 45 minute set.

Mike’s brilliant idea is to get story tellers from all over the world to entertain you and give you a break from our present reality. Fantastic! Also wonderful is that there is a virtual hat – so if you like the story you can put some pennies/cents in and support us weavers of tales.

I love the idea of being a proper minstrel and bringing you my tales of far away places to while away the time. So, here I am, talking for my supper. It’s my first one and I need to get better – I think you can probably tell I am a bit anxious – but I do hope you enjoy it anyway – and just click on “tips” if you want to contribute to the hat.

Take a seat, relax, escape Corona leave COVID-19 behind and click here to come with me to a different place, a different time….

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    Only ten years ago I was in A Berber village on market day and a peripatetic story teller spent most of the day story telling to ,I assume ,illiterate villages ,storiesmostly in Berber but some in French .Does this still exist I wonder probably not ??


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