marrakech marathon

Marrakech Half Marathon

January 26, 2015

Palm trees silhouetted against the snow of the Atlas Mountains. Cold air but hot sunshine. A carnival mood and a scenic route round the ancient city. It is time for the Marrakech Half Marathon.

Not so fast in Fes

January 11, 2015

Running through history, literally. A morning run that started off in the ancient alleyways of the Fes medina and then took us up to see the sunrise from the Merenid Tombs perched on top of one of Fes's many, many hills

MdS Kit: What did and didn’t work

December 11, 2014

You would think that running would be a kit-free zone but somehow I managed to spend a fortune, kitting up for the Marathon Des Sables. In fact, because you have to carry everything for the week, it is incredibly important to get the necessity versus weight ratio right. Food was one of the really crucial factors and bizarrely I found that less was more.

Fifty Shades of Gear

January 24, 2014