Climbing Mount Elgon

Mount Elgon is East Africa’s biggest and oldest volcano. It is 4370m high and lies on the border between Uganda and Kenya, so both can claim it. The trek to the top and back is going to take us six days.

I’m looking forward to varied terrain, giant lobelias and the salt mining elephants who can sometimes be glimpsed in the caves. The temperature will vary wildly from 26C on the lower slopes to -C at the peak. I’ve packed my anti-venom

Mud? I expect so and I have my gaiters with me. This is a very personal adventure because I lived in Uganda from the age of 6 weeks until I was 8 years old. All my earliest memories are of this ‘pearl of Africa.’


I’m hiking the volcano in support of SALVE, a fantastic charity that helps get street children in Uganda back into families and into school.

Battleface Travel Insurance, are sponsoring me and the charity and also supplying me with travel insurance. I can whole-heartedly recommend them, check them out here.